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Ironically, many business owners like you feel alone in their businesses. For example they can’t go to their team to discuss a key issue if the key issue is that team! Traditional ‘networking events’ are often not constructive it is hard to feel confident that information will remain private in these arenas.

Our unique coaching clubs however offer you a chance to connect with other SMEs. These structured meetings with business owners from a variety of industries will give you valuable insights into how others have solved the challenges you are facing now.

You and your business will benefit from networking with like-minded professionals. See yourself as part of a team – your 10X Coach and 7 peers – people who are there to support and encourage you as they understand the opportunities, challenges and demands of being in business. These peers are people you can talk openly and confidentially to about your business and its future. Having this core support team will demonstrate to you the very real power of the relationships you build and benefit from, within a 10X Coaching Club.

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