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Kick-ass Boost One-on-One Coaching

Set up your strategy - Coaching

MBC offers one-on-­one coaching with a money back guarantee. What this means is that you’ll have your own personal trainer taking you through a tailored program designed just for your business and for the challenges you’re facing.  You won’t have to listen as other business owners discuss problems that may or may not be relevant to you—everything we’ll be doing together will be focused on just what you need.

This is the best program if you’d like some hand holding as you deal with your business challenges, if you want to be able to shoot questions to your coach as they come up midweek, if you don’t have time to sit in a monthly half-day meeting,  or if learning in a group setting simply isn’t your style.

How does our one-on-one coaching program work? Quite simply:

  • We’ll work with you to come up with measurable goals for you and your business and we’ll keep you accountable to those goals
  • We meet for 2 hours every month in person or over Skype to discuss strategy, progress and provide advice
  • You are accountable to update your coach on a weekly basis as to your plans for the week and the completed tasks

The advantages of one-­on-­one coaching are:

  • Coaching sessions are totally focused on your business and your challenges
  • The program is tailored to suit your desired outcomes; no fluff
  • You are able to access your coach for advice at any time subject to the coach’s availability
  • Results of this program are highly­‐accelerated  if you show commitment and implement the agreed actions

Kick-ass Boost Group Coaching

We facilitate no-holds-barred get-down-to-business Coaching Groups that revolve around Masterminds and Accountability. These are not your classic dry business discussions where you end up staring at your own smartphone while you wait for some overly verbose posh to get over talking; rather these are highly efficient, quick paced and vibrant meetings where goals are set, problems get tackled and problem solvers  come into being.

Kick-Ass Business Boost Group Coaching sessions do not incorporate extended training. Training is offered separately and as needed via our training modules. Rather, in a Group Coaching Session you work on setting goals for your business, brainstorming on ways to meet those goals, and trouble-shooting any difficulties that come up.

  • Groups comprise of 8-10 similar-sized, non-competing businesses
  • Group meetings are conducted for ½ a day once per month
  • Each business sets goals every quarter that are shared with the group. You may share your data in terms of percentage growth if you are not comfortable disclosing your business information to the group
  • The group is bound by confidentiality and all members will have signed an agreement of that nature
  • Members are encouraged by the group and the coach to outperform their own goals

Some high-powered features of the Group Coaching Sessions include:

  • Accountability segment: during this segment of the meeting each person will share their results with the group, as compared to the goals they set out for themselves during the previous session
  • The Hot Seat: Where members can seek input from the group and the coach on a particular issue they are facing in their business. One session will usually focus on one member’s issues and allows for a brainstorming session that helps not only the member in the Hot Seat, but ALL members who derive immense knowledge and problem solving skills through the process.

The advantages of group coaching are:

  • The effect of accountability to a group greatly heightens the urge to achieve your goals
  • Many smart minds can make quick work of problems, and the invigoration, fresh ideas and problem solving help you can get from your group members and coach doing Hot Seat Sessions are truly priceless.   Since business problems are rarely unique, you’ll have another wonderful opportunity to learn how to manage similar issues with your own business when a group mate goes up on the Hot Seat for his turn.
  • This is definitely the most cost-effective coaching model for businesses. It offers the best value for money and is the obvious choice for most entrepreneurs.

Reasons you may prefer one of our other programs:

  • You would like more chances to engage with peers, or better, more frequent access to a coach
  • You would rather attend half day meetings monthly rather than full day meetings every second month
  • You cannot attend meetings at all, and would rather take advantage of one-on-one coaching with Skype