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Q: What is the difference between Business Consulting and Business Coaching?

A Business Consultant is a consultant contracted to solve a particular problem within your business or present you with a finished task or solution. A Business Coach helps you focus your efforts on what your business really needs, presents you with effective strategies to solve your pressing issues and keeps you on track with your goals and objectives via periodical follow-up sessions. For more information on Coaching click here.

Q: What is a Coaching Club and why would I want to join one?

Sometimes it’s better to just have a little more air in the room, and an exchange of ideas among a group of smart people like yourself, facilitated by an experienced coach, is one of the best ways to get the insights, focus,  and encouragement you need. A coaching club is simply a bi-monthly meeting with your coach, where a collection of other like-minded business owners, entrepreneurs and key managers from other SMEs share ideas, learn new strategies and network with the help of their common coach.

Q: Is the Coaching Club the only way I can receive coaching?

No, although we think Coaching Clubs are very effective for a number of reasons, you can contract us on an individual one-on-one basis if you’d rather not participate in a Coaching Club. You will gain access to the same quantum of intellectual property but without the benefits of the interactive group of entrepreneurs and business owners. For more information on the Coaching Club click here.

Q: How specific is the business information I’ll be asked to provide if I participate in a consult or in coaching? Do you need to see all the figures?

How much or little specific information you divulge is entirely up to you. The more you share, the more we are able to tailor our advice and strategies to your personal situation, but we want to meet you where you’re comfortable at and will never ask you to give us any business figures or trade secrets you’re not comfortable airing. It is perfectly okay to share percentage improvements rather than your actual numbers during a group session, for instance. Of course, all the information you provide us is kept strictly confidential; and if you’re part of a club all members will have signed an agreement to keep what they hear in the Coaching Club in the Club.

Q: Could any of my competitors join my Coaching Club?

No, we will not allow for conflict to exist in any one Coaching club. And as for your trade secrets or business information, every member of the Coaching Club signs a confidentiality agreement. You are of course free to keep your business figures confidential if you wish.

Q: How many sessions will I have to attend before I began to see a difference for my business?

You should be able to feel a difference in your focus and a new energy in your strategizing even after attending the first meeting. Obviously, any business growth takes time, and how long it will take your new knowledge and insight to transform and vitalize your business will depend on your own situation as well as your commitment and drive. Have a look at our testimonials page to read about what we’ve been able to do for other business owners.

Q: What options do you provide if I can’t meet up in person?

We understand your busy schedule and are happy to provide virtual coaching using Skype. Sign up for  one-to-one coaching and you’ll get one focused two hour Skype session every month, and be able to give your accountability reports and ask questions by email at whatever time you choose.

Q: Is being part of a Coaching Club going to pose a financial burden on my business?

Your upfront investment for the program is quite low. We offer very favourable payment terms for the amount and ensure that your coaching process is set up to help you improve your cash-flow and profitability so this program is self-funding and does not become a burden on you or your business. Simply put, you’ll get out more than you put in.